curry ahn

I have nothing to do lately, and it's really frustrating. I am finished with my german course at 10th January, and I have Aufnahmeprüfung on 18th February. What I probably do during my waiting time before the test?

Staying awake so late at night, and wake up at 10am the next day haha. It's really unhealthy, need to be considered as a serious lazy disease :3

I don't cook that well, but actually I like trying new recipes, but sadly sometimes I'm just failed hahaha. I really thank my mom for helping with all the cooking stuffs. Because I never cooked in Indonesia, and now that I live in Germany, I have to cook if I want to eat and not dying because of starving. Your little girl grows up,mom! ^^

I love eating snacks more than rice or the other main dishes. Sweets make me happy <3 nbsp="" p="">
Don't worry mom, it's a window shopping XD (because no money's left lol)

When I'm bored talking to myself in my room like an idiot, I will visit the room of my friends downstairs and joking around with them. Watching movies, singing and playing guitar, gossiping someone else, talking about nonsense and etc. It's kinda fun but sometimes I feel like we should go to hospital to fix our broken brains XD

Studying in the library
Well, at first I'm really excited to go studying in the library. Usually I'd like to go to RWTH's library. But I have to go earlier in the morning, because all the students there are studying freak (haha). I go there at 10 am, and the room is almost packed out. But I'm used to be lucky enough to get one empty space for me.

Meeting random people in internet. which is....omegle! lol
I meet a korean guy, chanwoong park. I meet him accidentally, and I'm thankful because within all the crazy men in omegle, I met a normal human there. He is very kind, even he sang happy birthday for me. I was omegle-ing with him at my birthday party, so its a lil bit crowded and he was so shy at first when he would to sing for me. and then he asked me to do gwiyomi in return hahaha.
the other guy I met in internet is jun sung ahn. you know him? I'm not surprised. I actually know him since I was in high school, but now I have examined every inch the part of his life. The first video of him that I watched is his canon rock cover, and I thought he is like a very cool anime character. Cool, charming, and mysterious. But after I know the more infos about him, and the other videos of him. My perspection is extremely changed -______- He isn't like main character in manga comics AT ALL. That guy is so damn funny! And I adore his creativity of making all the videos more interesting. Lately it seems that he has become a "bad boy", kinda guy who act like those members of korean boyband. And, I hate it! Junsung, it's not you. You wear glasses,and I think that character suits you forever :)
If any management offers you to be in a boyband, please DON'T take the chance! I believe you'll become a great film-maker soon.

Oh God, I am a really bad blogger. I mean seriously. This post was supposed to be posted on 12th January, but I forgot to click the post button and this post is saved as a draft for a while. Errwwwrrr I have big problems in remembering things ><