Count Your Blessings

I actually should be studying for the exam right now. But my body refuses so I think I should write some thoughts that have been lingering on my mind these 2 days during my resting time.


"Haben Sie nie krank gefühlt?"
"Nein,gar nicht."

It's amazing how life can flip 180 degrees in one night. You felt great the night before, planning on your next day hoping you can be as productive as what you did today but plan is plan. We have no control on what happens next.

It does feel hard. It makes you want to go back and cry on your parents shoulder. But no, you have to learn. Problem isn't meant to make you hurt, to make you stronger that is.

When it seems like everything is against your will, think again. You've got one problem that suffers you a lot, fails you at any aspirations you had, but try to count your blessing. You still can breath normally, you still have food to eat, roof above your head, warm blanket to cuddle in. You got a loving family who prays for you all the time, friends who wish you a soon recovery. You aren't situated at the war places where you have to be afraid to be bombed every second of your life. You still can enjoy peace, being able to walk, to write, to read, to see.
The list still goes on.

Now that I think about it, I just realized how meaningful my name is.

Shakira is an Arabic female given name meaning "thankful". It is the feminine active participle of the verb شَكَرَ, "to be thankful".-Wikipedia

Maybe this is why my parents gave me this name. So that I remember to be thankful for everything that I have. To appreciate life, eventhough sometimes it sucks. Oh no, actually life doesn't suck. Its just a tiny tiny portion of it that sucks and human tends to make a big fuss about it.

If life seemingly becomes so hard, count your blessings. Be grateful. You feel crap because you just haven't been thanking enough.

"...Allah does not intend to make difficulty for you, but He intends to purify you and complete His favor upon you that you may be grateful."
[QS. Al-Maidah : 6]


Long Distance Friendship

Do you know that moment when you meet your old friend who you've been not seeing for along time? I am always having that anxiety questioning myself: 
Are they still the same person the last time I saw them? Do they still like me? 
I am afraid that everything has changed and they are not people I used to know.

October 2016

In October this year, I went home for holiday. I hadn't been home for more than 2 years, so again I was facing this anxiety, worrying if my friends in Indonesia have become people I can't really relate to anymore.

Luckily they didn't. As I saw them slowly approaching me laughing, I know they didn't. They are still giving me the same warm hug I'm missing. Those inhuman voices they make when chatting, how can I forget that.
Several years have passed but we continue talking about the same topics, laughing at the same jokes. 

It is funny to see my high school friends, who I used to met constantly everyday at the same place, now in different places. We are not doing the same thing anymore, we don't go to the same places, we don't read the same books. They are spread everywhere across the globe doing their own thing but they are still my loving friends I dearly cherish.

December 2016 


It is okay to have a bad day

July 7th

I have never been any lazier in my life than 2 weeks ago.
It might be caused by the fact that I had to celebrate Eid in Germany again and everything wasn't really running well.

But then someday I woke up and decided to take a walk around the town all by myself. And it turned out be a really good idea.

I had a lot of thoughts running in my mind while I was walking, and I'd like to share it to you guys

1. Sometimes you only need to take a breath, avoid the crowd and contemplating all about life. 
These few months were filled with lots of activities that made me often having a hard time to sort out my messy life. I was so busy studying, working and socializing that I've come to the stage realizing I'm already fucked up with life. I really was.


An Untold Love Story

I am not a romantic lovey dovey person, hence why I actually object to tell other people about my private life. Nevertheless,this time I feel like it's okay to share you guys some pieces, concerning that I have no longer deep feeling about it, as I already moved on and grown up ever since. This story is nowhere near a marvelous cinderella story, but it taught me something about my journey. It's a piece of mozaic in my life which shows me how much I develop, how far I've gone. I hope it will inspire someone who read it.

Well, if you ask me who my first love is, I'll state: I haven't been in love yet! Yes I admit that I was attracted to boys couple times, but I never took it seriously. It was all just a young girl's ignorance, willing to find love. But then I had a chapter in my book that means a lot to me.