we are APELE !!!

I had a good vacation with my classmates of APELE (abbreviation for Anak Sepuluh E :P) in June 19th 2011.
For this last picnic with the class, we went to Amai Beach, about 4 hours long to reach there.
Incredible, wasn't it?
Yes, it needed a loooong time to reach Amai but we were totally fun as long as our journey.
At the bus, we sang a lot of music and jumped around (okay okay, it's because the holes of the
bad road :D)

One thing I want to say :

Let this few pictures talk about our gathering :D


Something Better Lyrics

Lyrics and Music by Rudye

it started on the day that i met you
oh you were there. you're standing there smiling
now every night, i'm thinking of you, do you think of me?
oh baby

you used to say that i'm not in love with you seriously
but now as you're ready to go, i realized how deep i am into you

so now i. i'm living my life for you
i. i'm dying to let you know
you. you are the one that i've been waiting for

but now i. i have to let you go
i. i'm breaking my heart for you
you. you will find something better there, without me by your side

and now i'm here. where all the things changes so suddenly
and suddenly i know that you will leave.
you're leaving me here alone by my self

i used to know, that i am in love with you seriously
but now as you're ready to go, i'm thinking that i have to let you go

it started out when you gave me a smile
and now i'm here, i'm thinking of you my dear
but now you're gone and you will find something better there

(in my opinion, background of this flawless music, is..... It's hurt, to get someone you loved the most didn't realized well how much we love them :( and if your someone has been so FAR away from you, and she/he got someone else filled up their heart, we really have to let them go, for their good. For their smile of happiness, to feel SOMETHING BETTER than they got from us. Yeah, I know that will be hard, talking is easy, but yeah. It's the only best way to make someone you love happier. It's worth it,to hear their laugh again, their smiling face. It's the best.)

P.S. For kak R, you are strong!!!!!!!!!!