More Worthy

All of us born to this world with the destiny of ourselves, right?
Yes, destiny. We have our own destiny, you can’t fake it.
Talk about destiny, I often feel very angry at the people who always LOVE to sigh when they get something they THINK not good for them and EVEN set other person the guilty for their thinking world-is-not-at-my-hand. Oh, come on!
There are also some people who used to …. (hmm, what will I name it?) hand over! They have a fix, destiny is already assured by God when we were born. So, all we have to do in this world is accepting whatsoever God gived for us, accept as what they are, just let it flow. Is that what you mean huh? Hehehe.
Okay, let’s see what I think about destiny. But I have to remind you, this is my blog, I can write anything I want here, so if this post doesn’t make sense for you, I will not force you to believe it, AND I will not LET you take your disbelief with any dumbass or stupid statement in my blog. Got it, guys? :p
Just kidding (no,really. I’m lying! Haha)
God had assured our destiny when we were in pregnancy of our mom. Yes, I don’t argue that, it’s obviously mentioned in Quran (who knows everything in the world the best after Allah SWT? NO ONE)
BUT ….
It doesn’t mean you let yourself sinked in delegation. If you want something better, why not? Listen… God provides you a million opportunities to take! Where you step forth, what you do next, will be your destiny. Sooo….my dearest buddy, you can TAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY.
Have I made myself clear?