A great pair of shoes
I actually always buy cheap shoes from H&M, Primark, etc. It turns out that I have to buy it again the next 6 months. You know the feeling when you love certain shoes but unfortunately it's already worn, but you don't want to buy the same shoes twice. Do you get what I mean? That feeling sucks!

That's why, I'm planning on getting myself a really nice pair of shoes that won't be damaged easily in one year. When you calculate it thoroughly, buying 100€ priced shoes that last forever is much more worth it than buying 5 cheap pairs that last only a year. So I'm browsing in the internet right now finding my dream shoes. It has to be classic and resistable with colours that are easy to be styled with.

I've made my own customized design at store.nike.com but I'm not sure yet. Sadly with customization it has to be pricier. Does anybody have this Nike Roshe One? It seems so comfortable to wear but I need your opinion. 

DSLR camera
I want it so badly! A nice camera is very crucial for a blogger like me. I need good looking pictures to spice up my posts and along the history of my blog I'm always using my phone camera or my friend's camera. I am not a photography expert but I guess having a dslr camera in my hand will help the visual of my blog a lot.

Anyway, I don't need a fantastic 7D Canon, a Canon EOS 600D might be perfect for a person with limited photography knowledge like me.


Survival Guide for Studying Abroad

I know, I haven't even started with my study. But I attended Studienkolleg for 2 semesters so I gathered some points for you based on my personal experience at Studienkolleg.

For your information, you who don't know how the German educational system works, here is some explanations:
The Studienkolleg is a public educational institution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for students whose graduation certificate is not recognized as equivalent to the Abitur (high school level). It is a preparatory course for academic study at university.

Any foreigner who wants to study at german university has to study in Studienkolleg first. Here we are learning some stuffs like the other germans students when they are in high school. The purpose of this studienkolleg is to evaluate our school achievement at our own country, if it's good enough to study here. After 2 semesters of study we will face the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP), which is at the same level of the final examination of german high school students (Abitur). Basically when we passed the exam, then we can start to study here.

For me my time in studienkolleg is so precious. I had a lot of fun and I met a lot of new friends from other country. There we get to know so many culture with its own unique characters. The best part is: it feels like we go back to high school!

These are some tips and tricks to survive and also live your college life in abroad to the fullest.

Do not limit your friendship range based on nationality