guys! I'm really missing you!!!!
I haven't been posting for a century and I am actually dying for it.
My ambition is still exist and my hands felt uncomfortable by not posting the blog but hufhh I just can't get enough time to do it.
But now! finally I can do a post :D
okay, stop talking a bullshit

There is a quote, "A unity comes from the diversity"Every single man in this world is different than the other! There's no one that definitely the same, even twins. We were born to be an unique person and have our own personality. There's people that born to be a kind,nearly flawless, but also there's people that easily angry,hyper sensitive, and so on.
By being an unperfect human, we have to accept anyone, no matter how kind they are.
I have a story...
My class (just pretend his name is Rama) just got an accident. He had a motor crush and lost one of his tooth. I'm so sad to get him sad everyday and he seems very down :(
that makes me feel terrible.
Okay,honestly he is such an aggravating boy, but we must accept him and try to make him happy in the class,right? although if someone treat us badly,we can't reply it with the same.
but.... hmm... we just,didn't.
oh GOD, I feel more horrible! :(
And in another random day... we had a music lesson time in the class and we were being thaught to learning playing a song titled Burung Kakaktua by a guitar and Rama was asked to perform that song in front of the class.
by singing the song all together while Rama played the guitar, we sang a part of the lyric loudly (that part that say "giginya tinggal dua") and laught out. It makes him very angry, and I can't prohibite him doing that,because it's normal to get angry.
hiks hiks
I feel super horrible now!

I feel that everyone in the class is an evil person,letting our classmate feel sad and beat him with the mocks.
Everyone, no matter the ones that laughing to him,or just watching him being mocked, ARE GUILTY, EVIL, BAD PERSON.
Included meee :'(
Why didn't we calm him because of unluckiness he got?
Why could we laugh of his destiny?
I am sorry my friend...
I have been being a bad friend for you, I totally regret it.
Please forgive us !
I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable in the class
I'm sorry for letting you down,down,and down...
I am sorry :(
I can't imagine if it was me!
Maybe I will never go to school again
You deserve an award by being strong,and went through it...
And you are a great person, if you haven't known it :')

Keep moving on....
Just keep the lesson from mistakes,
And we are getting better