Long Distance Friendship

Do you know that moment when you meet your old friend who you've been not seeing for along time? I am always having that anxiety questioning myself: 
Are they still the same person the last time I saw them? Do they still like me? 
I am afraid that everything has changed and they are not people I used to know.

October 2016

In October this year, I went home for holiday. I hadn't been home for more than 2 years, so again I was facing this anxiety, worrying if my friends in Indonesia have become people I can't really relate to anymore.

Luckily they didn't. As I saw them slowly approaching me laughing, I know they didn't. They are still giving me the same warm hug I'm missing. Those inhuman voices they make when chatting, how can I forget that.
Several years have passed but we continue talking about the same topics, laughing at the same jokes. 

It is funny to see my high school friends, who I used to met constantly everyday at the same place, now in different places. We are not doing the same thing anymore, we don't go to the same places, we don't read the same books. They are spread everywhere across the globe doing their own thing but they are still my loving friends I dearly cherish.

December 2016