Leonardo Nada Vinci

Yo guys! I still exist! Hahaha.
Anyway, I don't have homework or paper to do, so I think it'll be fun if I do some out-of-the-normal-life stuffs. Oh yes. It's the time.
And... I have done with my painting! (yeah, I never paint before,except for school of course).
I thought it will be fun, cause I'm inspired by my France friend called Nina which as a visual art student of
Université de Strasbourg. I took a look of her painting and I'm excited to paint. Then... I try it! I went to the shop and buy a painting set and start the painting. It was very hard not as I thought.
At first, I got a little confuse by choosing what-will-I-paint. Hahaha. And I noticed a box of milk and the box shows a lot of cows. I think I will take it for my example. I only paint a cow, not more cause I knew that it will make me more confused.
I painted it crazily, and I got my room filthy with the water colour.
nah, you can see my painting. Well, I realize that it's so bad, even it reminds me about kindergarten's painting (my mom has told it). And I got frustrated so I make a mess of that painting. Like as you can see, that's VERY SUCK!
Yeah. i've added a shit there! Can you see???
And look at that tail!

Let's LOL

My mom said, I have painting skill. (Oh really? You may don't think so). She cheered me for practicing to paint more often so my painting will be better. Even she offered to get a painting teacher for me!
Yeah... If I will not have a lot of things to do (I mean, I have to learn playing piano, and study for my school, or something like that), I REALLY don't mind.

I got it. Got that my mom has ambition about me being an artist. Yeah. He never mind if I have an extra activities about music, dance, drama, and so on. Well, I am trying to be anything you want my dear Mom!