unavoidable truth

As I type this post I am visiting house of one of my dad's acquaintance for giving symphaty considering they have just got mourned of their grandma. I'm waiting for the remains get cleaned and we will be going to mourning and see the burying at the graveyard.
This occurrence hits my head and give me some enlightenment. We are all going to die alone, none could save you from the death, because life is messed up like that. Your parents, your boyfriend, or your besties who always on your side in your whole life impossibly accompany you in the afterlife. You have to take care your destiny by yourself all alone. Our nice body, cute face, and great intelligence don't last forever. These things all wouldn't be brought when the grim reaper comes around. All your belongings will be left behind, and one thing you have to care for is your soul and what place you'll be lived in the next eternity life.
Furthermore, the most dangerous thing that might determine your fate is TIME. It will kill you, if you're spoiled easily by it. it'll be a bullet that could harm you if you pass the time and let it go meaningless.
Shortly, concern for everything you will do for get a beautiful life in the next world,afterlife. Think of it, think what it's gonna help you get the endless happiness, please think carefully even
for every trivial things, and its role to be your savior. What you have been being, how you've been acting, how much you've been given to the poor, and all of those similiar things. Your time in this earth is brief, so that live your life wisely.
No one could assume when your dead date come. So, do prayer as you will die today, otherwise do effort to get what you're chasing for as you will live forever.
Something to cultivate in each mind of human, your last home would be the ground. Your last clothes is shroud. The last title for every body of us will be 'almarhum'. The only one friend that allowed to accompany you in the herafter is your notes of life.
Do your best to make your note good enough to bring you to heaven.


Arigatou, Sakura-chan

I’ve just finished watching some of Cardcaptor Sakura (it’s a Japan’s cartoon movie). Those are really good.
After watching it all the episodes, it gives me a light of my mind. I thought that I should be aware for what I got in this world. It’s worthy to be grateful for that. I couldn’t just behave selfishness all the time between people I love, in the ocean of God’s power.
I have to do my best all the one I love, whom God supposed me to become a good one for them.
If I was born and have grown become a stubborn and conceited girl, I have to try my best to be more fluffy, to give all the person who loved me happiness by my existence.
Arigatou, Sakura-chan. Although you’re only a main character which created of a normal human. You have my thank. Because of your innocent demeanor, I have been fully awared that I have to change.
I would like to reach the eternity happiness for everyone I love, in heaven.
May God forgive all my sins. Amin.