Art Festival of SMA Negeri 4 Jayapura

This couple weeks have been extremely full of duty for me and some of my friends who had became the organizing committee for the event. The process is soooo frustrating! For helding this art festival, we have to earn at least 200 million rupiahs (okay, it’s all money guys, not a leaves or crumps). I am sure that me and my friends are great! In spite of studying and doing homework, we also have to concern about money, money, money. Many afford we had done for that bunch of money, such as collecting donation to students’ parents, government, bank, and many kind of company. My position in the organization chart is secretary, in marketing management. Making letter, typing, bla bla bla…. -_- All day long I have to be starring at my monitor and typing the letter so that my friens could continue working collecting money. I think I am almost expert at this level of job and I enjoy it very much. I'd love to design invitation, and use my cretivity by this kind of job. I'm enjoying spending my time 'making fun' of my laptop and softwares. I love technology! :P The festival will be held in May 12th 2012 at Universitas Cenderawasih assembly. This will be a damn cool festival we ever will have! the theme we apply in this event is Spirit of Papua and all the performer is trained well. We'll be showing theatre, choir, bands, traditional and modern dance, and so on. Conceptionally all the performance will be colaborated each other in unpredictable plot. Oh, and there will be television star in the show! They are Vincent, Ade AFI, and Fungky Papua. It's actually the reason why the budget is expanding to the amount of 400 million!!! Curious about it ? Go buy the ticket, it's cheap anyway. For students : Rp. 25.000. For public : Rp. 50.000 The ticket price will be increased two times at Friday and Saturday. Don't blame me if you miss this fabuluous show. Cheers