It is okay to have a bad day

July 7th

I have never been any lazier in my life than 2 weeks ago.
It might be caused by the fact that I had to celebrate Eid in Germany again and everything wasn't really running well.

But then someday I woke up and decided to take a walk around the town all by myself. And it turned out be a really good idea.

I had a lot of thoughts running in my mind while I was walking, and I'd like to share it to you guys

1. Sometimes you only need to take a breath, avoid the crowd and contemplating all about life. 
These few months were filled with lots of activities that made me often having a hard time to sort out my messy life. I was so busy studying, working and socializing that I've come to the stage realizing I'm already fucked up with life. I really was.

It felt like I was sleepwalking. It felt like I became a robot, heartless, doing endless chores without realizing how enjoyable it should be.
Honestly I've been always liking routines. I like my day to be scheduled as neat as I can. I love going out of home early in the morning to wait outside the library before it opens to get a seat. I love studying. Yes I'm not joking. I really enjoy studying.
But then I realized that we need balance in our life. You can't just sit in the library all day without doing anything but studying. You need to go outside, get some fresh air, sit somewhere doing nothing.
I'm being serious about that. It really helped me so much I never thought before.
Watching people on the street is really fascinating. Some girls were shouting at each other deciding which party they want to go to, a mom were running to catch their kids, the homeless man at the corner, a family of refugees admiring almost everything they see,some english tourists eating fish and chips. And many more. Wow,I was literally sitting in awe seeing people interact with each other. It gives me warm feeling I can't describe with words. Just with the thought there are seven billion of people living this earth with their unique personality and stories. I just...... wow.
Thank you world, thank you for this heartwarming experience.

July 19th

A week later, I already got myself together and started to work my ass off as usual. Guess what,it can't be raining forever. This week has been amazing.

I met a wonderful woman that day, she's visiting her son who studies here. And she has taught so much lessons of life. She is basically living a dream. She was a CEO of a bank, and her husband is a successful doctor. She started her own success from zero, and now she has 4 pharmacies. Let me tell you what she said
"Use your time wisely, don't let any secon pass by without you getting anything useful for your life. Staying up late to watch movies or to play games? You'd better sleep unless you're studying or makig money"
"They can steal your money, but not your knowledge. So as parents we should give the kids as much knowledge as possible, not the money. Every parents want you to be happy, not wealthy."

I put my stuffs in the locker like I always do. But this day I apparently forgot to lock it and I left the key hanging with my wallet (my visa,my student ID, my bank cards, in brief: my life) and laptop in it. How.dumb.
As I went back to the locker, I was panicking so much I wanted to throw up. I thought I have locked it and lost the key. When I asked the library officer if he has an extra key, he said someone has found my locker unlocked and he/she locked it for me and gave the key to the officer.
I was like asdaksjhfdhj!%a=nck2(/hvniuice3
What an angel.

Moral lesson from this experience:
When you are arguing with someone or just browsing through the internet and reading bad words people saying at each other, please don't lose hope. There are angels everywhere, don't lose faith in humanity.
You as a human, can contribute much with the tiniest thing in life. It might be the world to someone.

PS. Shout out to my angels : mom,dad,dais, my best friends, my roommates,my high school friends, my teachers, my friends I met in germany or even those I met online, someone in the library (and the officer too), bang doli, my students. You guys are awesome.

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